Muff is a term used in hockey when a player shoots the puck very weakly on net, when a player passes the puck softly and the other team intercepts it, or if a player throws a terrible saucer pass.
Mike muffed the puck to the other team, and they went down the ice and scored.

Kyle muffed the puck on net, and it was an easy save for the goalie.
by Judder90 March 07, 2009
A Hairy Vagina
See also wordMuff Diving
Damn! her Muff almost swallowed me whole!
by PurpleCowMan April 06, 2002
a furry ornament for an erect penis
My penis wears a muff every Saturday night.
by muffdiver1001 August 20, 2009
an Individual perceived by others to be an extreme loser or idiot. Also pertains to a person who does something stupid.
"Way to drop the soap TBeeker, Yah muff!"
by Talon "Loosepack" Beek October 28, 2008
refered to when some one is in a bad mood or being an asshole. there are stages of muff as well ranging from one to seven, seven being the worst stage of beign a pussy or being pissed off:
1. shaved muff
2. prickly muff

3. flowing muff
4. golden flowing
5. tangled muff
6. puffy muff
7. jungled muff.
guy: hey man shut the hell up.
other guy: hey man your muffs just tangled because i fucked your girlfriend.
by bigfish6969 November 09, 2010
- noun, verb, adjective, pronoun

-noun: a muff is an adorable muffin-like girl.
-verb: 1. to muff- to engage in muff-like activities.

2. to take part in a time consuming, very enjoyable activity that is usually seen as unproductive.
-adjective:- muffy: muff-like, precious, humorous when
used in this manor the word muff is taken as a compliment by most
-pronoun: the adorable muffin-like person or figure being
Examples of muff:

-noun: Muff is standing by Marcel the shell with shoes on.
-verb: 1.Yesterday, instead of doing my homework, I got my muff on.
2.While Avery read aloud to the class, I was - completely muffed out.
3.On Monday of last week I was muffing when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.
4. I muffed hardcore last weekend.
-adjective: Today Avery saw a muffy girl wearing elephant boxers scampering down the road.
-pronoun: I was thinking muff was going to make me CD
with all of muff's favorite jams on it.
by muffmuff69 October 27, 2010
Mandatory Ugly Fat Friend
Is she your MUFF?
by whitesky April 20, 2010

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