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8 definitions by Marcy

1. an evil "holiday" that is a big crock.

2. a day where people who are single and hating it and recently divorced people are depressed becausing of the glamourization of "love".

3. also known as single's awareness day.
Retailers are excited about Valentine's Day because it will generate more profit.

I'm going to be so depressed on Valentine's Day.

For Valentine's Day me and my single friends are going to go out, try to have fun, and get drunk.
by Marcy January 29, 2004
a secretion that clenses the pussy. it can come out when you least expect it.
i was shaving my pussy when discharge came out.

i slept naked last night and woke up with a lot of discharge on my thighs and the bed sheets.
by Marcy February 27, 2004
a woman's pussy
she likes to show off her scrambled eggs between the legs.
by Marcy January 28, 2004
refers to a past state of being very drunk and high, from the word twisted. sort of all over the place.
hillary and i took about 15 shots and ten bong hits before we went out last night. we were fuckin twosted.
by marcy December 19, 2004
a very hairy pussy.
when she takes off her bathing suit, the first thing you'll notice is her nappy dugout. it stands out that much!!!

she needs to shave that nappy dugout.
by Marcy February 27, 2004
tight shirt, studded belt, dickies, long messy hair, really doesnt cry about everything just is an emokid.they really dont care about their ex girlfriends like people may think, they may not care about anything at all, listen to good music and are mostly straight edge. they are also spacy and dont acknowledge their surroundings.
non emo kid: do u like girls?
emo kid: i think so
non emo kid: do u like men?
emo kid: i dont think so
non emo kid: you like animals
emo kid: dike
non emo kid: no u really do
emo kid: dike
non emo kid: no ur a dike
emo kid: oh nice comeback
non emo kid: yeah dike
by marcy August 05, 2004
a very hairy pussy.
When Bob ate her muff, he got lots of pubic hair stuck in his teeth.
by Marcy January 29, 2004