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an Individual perceived by others to be an extreme loser or idiot. Also pertains to a person who does something stupid.
"Way to drop the soap TBeeker, Yah muff!"
by Talon "Loosepack" Beek October 28, 2008
Muff: muff is now a very rare species of vagina, it is BIG HAIRY SMELLY FLOPPY STRETCHED WORNO OUt fud, these "muffs" are a dieing species since the invention of mufficide or more commonly know as a brazilian, did you know? each day over 1,000,000 muffs are killed in humanly by being ripped of with boiling hot wax or with a razor or even sometimes laser surgery, you've all heard of save the whales, well now we have save the muff so please with all your heart vote no on mufficide even tho muffs are fucking disgusting lol
"oohh baby i can't wait till u put it in"*pulls down undies* holly fuck!!!!!!!! your 15 years old and u have a great big old hairy fucking muff... man it smells like someones gotten fish and deep fried it in poo u young attractive hagg!
by Sam_big_penis May 06, 2008
A word used to insult or title someone idiotic, douche bag-esque or disliked for any reason.
"You're a muff!"

"What a muff!"

"That kid is such a muff"
by Malcom Little March 09, 2008
just another name for the fleshy pink privates of the female body.
guy #1: Hey what you doing?
guy #2: whatching porn look you can see her muff
by comedyandtragedy February 09, 2008
vagina, not pubs or dirty vagina, just vagina, how else do you muff dive, you need to enter the vagina with your tongue like a scuba dude or snorkeler,
That chicks muff was so tight!
by the taint October 28, 2006
Well kept and neatly groomed small patch of hair above a woman's vagina. Muff is not a bush which it is commonly mistaken for. A bush is when a female lets her pubic hair grow out of control and untamed.
The hottest girls upkeep their muff by shaving thier vagina daily.
by Muffe April 27, 2006
Acronym for Mandatory Unwanted Fat Fuck.
Frank had a Muff that night he was drunk! Ha!
by Matt Prather February 20, 2006