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2 definitions by dubulous1

A mythelogical fountain that is thought to be full of treasure, pleasure, and all knowledge of self and humanity. Hidden deep away in caverns and kept safe by ancient goddesses, the G Spot was highly coveted by all. The beautiful protectors only allowed the fountain's glory to be witnessed by gods and several heroes among men, often those crowned champion of some other individual skill or art.

Weaker men of little talent often had poor stamina and rhythm on the battlefied, and were defeated easily by the overwhelming power of the goddesses, who were highly skilled in close combat. Men of ambition and creativity would fight well, often outlasting the protectors, or at least coming close.

It is also believed that several small groups of less skilled men formed and betrayed the others out of jealousy, claiming that the g spot was in fact a myth; and that there is no fountain of satisfaction.

But it is not a myth, my friends. All who know the g spot, know - the g spot is real.
g spot- what's that? keep doing that? yeah? right there? you're god damn right I'm a champion.
by dubulous1 November 30, 2010
an action that takes place when food is so good that you cannot simply eat it, you must instead mow it, pummel it, crush it, and/or destroy it.
yo kid Primo's Hoagies doesn't even know what's about to hit 'em. I'm gonna mow down that italian diablo in about 4 seconds flat. then we're heading back to the crib to marley up and watch the phillies game. bring some beer.
by dubulous1 December 02, 2010