A commonly misunderstood and stereotyped christian religion. Called Mormons because of their unique book, "The Book of Mormon" - which is called such after the name of the person that put the ancient records together and buried them. Really named "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" or LDS, for short. Nobody is required to pay without their own will. There are no rules, there are guidelines.
Mormons are not forced to become missionaries. There are a lot of people that never go on one. Only the most devoted go on missions, mormons are not brainwashed.
A religion that beleives in where one is going in this life and after this life, rather than focusing completely on the past and the death of Christ. There is no cross on the church buildings for this reason.
A religion that beleives that Everyone has a chance. Always and forever. Mormons beleive in forgivness and eternal salvation. They beleive that people that never heard of God before have a chance.
They believed that smoking and drinking was bad before there anyone knew it was hazardous to health.
Mormons are most commonly nice and have good morals.
Many LDS live in Utah.
Most mormons love Jello.
Mormons are treated with prejudice.
Missionaries walk around all day 15 hours a day for 2 years, and have 80% of the doors SLAMMED in their face.
Brigham Young did not commit suicide.
by shutupdangit May 15, 2004
Ye olde English Waye of saying ye Moron.

Nice dudes, that try to brainwash you. Next thing you know you're a nice dude that's trying to brainwash someone!
Mormon Dude 1:
Hello Sir. We're Morons, UGH sorry, we're Mormons.

Mormon Dude 2:
We want to tell you all about the book of Mormon.

Okay, come in...


Hello Sir!
Mormon Dude 3:
We're here to tell you all about the book of Mormon!
by Cap'n David William Crunch April 12, 2009
A strong, offensive term for a boy scout who attempts to get the Eagle Scout rank at or before age fifteen. In other words, the pre-med of scouting.
While a good mormon (usually an actual LDS member) will achieve his goal through hard work and determination, most mormons get to Eagle early by hacking through the scouting system.
A typical mormon gets to Eagle Scout in the sleaziest way possible, superficially demonstrating knowledge while not actually retaining it and completing his requirements and Eagle Project the easy way. They leave scouts without any of the skills and virtues that their peers have.
The term "mormon" comes from the fact that almost every mormon (religion) is a mormon (scout jargon). The Church of Later Day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America have a synergetic partnership of sorts, where a mormon boy's religious advancement can closely mirror his scout advancement. Unfortunately, this creates a high standard for Eagle Scout ages, so other scouts (some of them LDS members) try to match them.
Your once-in-a-lifetime Eagle Project is painting a sign? You mormon.

"Wanna go tip Austin's canoe with me?"
"No, I need to go get stuff signed off."
by Aybraus April 19, 2008
A definition I wrote which got consored because I said that polygamy was wrong.
The possession and trafficking of young girls is slavery
by Lucy February 22, 2005
adjective describing persons of the mormon religion.
mormons are usually super good at everything and way too polite for their own good. sometimes they have no personality. therefore, mormon is also an adjective meaning boring.
person 1: did you see the new harry potter movie?
person 2: yeah.
person 1: what did you think about ginny?
person 2: she was so Mormon!

person 1: yeah, i know. it was like she had no personality or something.

person 2: yeah, she was pretty boring.
person 1: but super good.

person 2: yeah, in a Mormon way.
person 1: definitely. what a Mormon.
by fivemiles44 August 16, 2009
A Christian Church founded in upstate New York during the second Great Awakening by a man named Joseph Smith, who claimed to see God and Jesus Christ in the woods near his home. He then claimed to have translated an ancient record, similar to the bible. His Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints proceeded to grow rapidly over the next century, to a size of about 12 million members, approximately half of them active. About half of them live in Utah, where the Mormons migrated in the second half of the 19th century to escape persecution.

Mormons are instructed by their church leaders, called prophets and apostles, to share their religion with others whenever the opportunity arises. Some choose to do this by posting pages of information on mormonism on Urban Dictionary, as anyone viewing this page can clearly see. There are several huge doctrinal problems with this church, two of which have been remedied: racism against Africans, and polygamy. However, many problems still exist, including several accusations of forgery against Joseph Smith, disagreements between information in Joseph's Book of Mormon and archaeological evidence, sexism, and strange/ridiculous rites and ceremonies.
I met a Mormon and her seven children at the grocery store yesterday. She seemed very nice, but something about her was a little weird. She talked to me about Jesus and gave me a strange book.
by concernicus August 13, 2007
A group of brainwashed individuals who have an intelligence lower than retardation and are trained from birth to brainwash everyone around them. They do not understand normal social interaction.
He's a mormon? Didn't they prove mormons have a lower social intelligence than autistic people?
by SperanzaHope January 22, 2015
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