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A word that means 'crazy', as in weird, different from others, silly or funny.
1. You are so wacky!
2. Have you heard of that wacky website?
by Nanda June 29, 2006
behaving in a silly or random way in order to appear funny.
'get married sideways'
'cheese moneky spaceman apricot!'
'i'm random!!'
by daveyp May 26, 2005
A word to describe a person or situation that is highly out of the ordinary or funny.
Man, that girl Michelle is so Wacky.
by IliketheMovieTheater October 02, 2011
The act of smoking marijuana in addition to taking adderall, (or another ADD medication.)
Hey man, I picked up a sack today! Let's get wacky before we hit up that party!
by Glory801 November 19, 2010
Courtney Love. Especially on David Letterman, March 17, 2004.
Courtney Love: Am I wacky?
Letterman: Are you wacky?
Love: Yeah, but is that illegal?
Letteman: No, but its not a good idea.
by yam March 18, 2004
1. To jerk off delightfully.
1. "Why are you tired? Did you already wacky?"

2. "I wackied before the big game to reduce stress."

3. "Are you nervous?" "No, I already wackied."

4. "Stop sending me links to Big Tit Nurses 3! I already wackied!!!"
by TRONJAM August 17, 2009
1. Crazy fuggin weed, on a scale of beaner, wacky, and heady, with beaner being below shwag, wacky being equal to, but greater than shwag, and heady beaing equal to, but lower than dank.

2. Lased weed that fuggs your shit right up
yo man, we got some wacky weed here tonight

we got fucked up off wacky shit last wednesday during school
by WAW October 10, 2004
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