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2 definitions by Aybraus

Anyone who exhibits characteristics similar to a the pokemon Raichu, most typically fat goth chicks with heavy eye makeup, frizzy or dry hair, unhealthy orangish skin, and/or excessive blush.
Oh shit look out! Raichus are coming.
by Aybraus March 17, 2008
A strong, offensive term for a boy scout who attempts to get the Eagle Scout rank at or before age fifteen. In other words, the pre-med of scouting.
While a good mormon (usually an actual LDS member) will achieve his goal through hard work and determination, most mormons get to Eagle early by hacking through the scouting system.
A typical mormon gets to Eagle Scout in the sleaziest way possible, superficially demonstrating knowledge while not actually retaining it and completing his requirements and Eagle Project the easy way. They leave scouts without any of the skills and virtues that their peers have.
The term "mormon" comes from the fact that almost every mormon (religion) is a mormon (scout jargon). The Church of Later Day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America have a synergetic partnership of sorts, where a mormon boy's religious advancement can closely mirror his scout advancement. Unfortunately, this creates a high standard for Eagle Scout ages, so other scouts (some of them LDS members) try to match them.
Your once-in-a-lifetime Eagle Project is painting a sign? You mormon.

"Wanna go tip Austin's canoe with me?"
"No, I need to go get stuff signed off."
by Aybraus April 19, 2008