People that believe that they might become gods. The above stated 13 Articles of Faith put exactly what mormons are. And in the Bible, it states that nothing shall be added to that specific book, not the entire Bible. I forget which book it is though, but we studied it in seminary...another mormon quirk. you get up at 6 oclock every morning and go to church, then you got to school. But if it were true that that statement referred to everything, then the entire Bible would be fake, because that book was one of the first written. The bible is not compiled chronologically.
Mormons are persecuted daily, and those that stand up for their beliefs have my utmost respect. Sadly, I don't have my own respect.
by renegade February 17, 2005
1. A true prophet of God who lived in the ancient Americas and compiled the Book of Mormon around 600 A.D.
2. A member of the LDS faith.
Are you Mormon?

No, Mormon died, like, 1400 years ago. I'm a member of the LDS church, though. Is that what you meant?

by Kickback256 August 15, 2013
(n) code name for security officer of all forms
I wanted to go stroodling, but the mormon was on patrol.
by stroodler December 03, 2009
one of the more well known mass evangelist religions.
the mormons and the jehovah's witnesses lined up on my block and had a turf war.
by rusty dusty January 13, 2006
Scary American jesus-freaks that come to my door trying to convert me to their whacky religion.

They often sport name tags with the title of 'Elder', despite being of college student age.

Although they do seem friendly enough, to normal folk they are still god-damned annoying. Indeed, if anybody can put up with a Mormon visit without telling them to "Fuck Off", they deserve a VIP place in Heaven.
"Next time a Mormon comes to my door, I won't say I'm atheist, I'll lie and say I'm Catholic, then they'll fuck off."
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
Ye olde English Waye of saying ye Moron.

Nice dudes, that try to brainwash you. Next thing you know you're a nice dude that's trying to brainwash someone!
Mormon Dude 1:
Hello Sir. We're Morons, UGH sorry, we're Mormons.

Mormon Dude 2:
We want to tell you all about the book of Mormon.

Okay, come in...


Hello Sir!
Mormon Dude 3:
We're here to tell you all about the book of Mormon!
by Cap'n David William Crunch April 12, 2009
adjective describing persons of the mormon religion.
mormons are usually super good at everything and way too polite for their own good. sometimes they have no personality. therefore, mormon is also an adjective meaning boring.
person 1: did you see the new harry potter movie?
person 2: yeah.
person 1: what did you think about ginny?
person 2: she was so Mormon!

person 1: yeah, i know. it was like she had no personality or something.

person 2: yeah, she was pretty boring.
person 1: but super good.

person 2: yeah, in a Mormon way.
person 1: definitely. what a Mormon.
by fivemiles44 August 16, 2009

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