People that believe that they might become gods. The above stated 13 Articles of Faith put exactly what mormons are. And in the Bible, it states that nothing shall be added to that specific book, not the entire Bible. I forget which book it is though, but we studied it in seminary...another mormon quirk. you get up at 6 oclock every morning and go to church, then you got to school. But if it were true that that statement referred to everything, then the entire Bible would be fake, because that book was one of the first written. The bible is not compiled chronologically.
Mormons are persecuted daily, and those that stand up for their beliefs have my utmost respect. Sadly, I don't have my own respect.
by renegade February 17, 2005
1. A true prophet of God who lived in the ancient Americas and compiled the Book of Mormon around 600 A.D.
2. A member of the LDS faith.
Are you Mormon?

No, Mormon died, like, 1400 years ago. I'm a member of the LDS church, though. Is that what you meant?

by Kickback256 August 15, 2013
People who will deny that they are not wrong and are the most close-minded people you will ever meet. My whole family is mormon but me and my bro. Sadly, they are closed in by the church that they don't know what the real world is when they finally get to it. People aren't always nice to you outside Utah!! (Hint yes i know they are not polygamists ANYMORE. However they were in the 1800s and so on)
"I think its funny how mormon is so close to the word moron." - My sweetheart Ishy talking bout mormons
by Vitomanez April 29, 2007
one of the more well known mass evangelist religions.
the mormons and the jehovah's witnesses lined up on my block and had a turf war.
by rusty dusty January 13, 2006
1. A nickname of a Christian-Millenialist church founded in modern times in 1830; said nickname coming from a book in their canon of scriptures.
2. An adherent of the above named church; possessing a comprehensive belief and social system; some general ones being belief in the trinity, but not in a triune God (Augustinian concept), rejection of Original Sin per se, (another Augustinian concept), belief in many degrees of glory in heaven, that all who have ever lived on earth will have a chance to be saved, and rejection of pointed ears & pitchforks in hell (a medieval concept).
3. Sometimes overly zealous and impetuous collectively, i.e. Mormon(s), and not always wise in that they don't follow the teachings of their prophet Joseph Smith more closely.
Can the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints honestly say that they are any closer today than 150 years ago in accomplishing what the Lord commanded them to do?
by Jim Preston March 15, 2005
Some of the nicest people you will ever meet, which is unfortunate, since they fall victim to the biggest fraud ever. The Book of Mormon has been altered nearly 300 times to meet the popularity of changing times, such as no longer practicing poligamy and allowing blacks into the church after feeling the pressure of the Civil Rights Movement. Joeseph Smith was not a martyr, he shot at and killed some of the people that came after him when they were tired of his lies.
Nobody ever saw the Golden Plates, and what he copied down from them in "hieroglyphics " have been translated and found to mean absolute rubbish. Mormons say that the Bible is word from God, even though the Bible clearly says that nothing can be added to it, the Book of Mormon is an obvious attempt at this.
Mormons must tithe 10 percent of their income to be in good standing, and people are counting. My church simply has an anonymous drop box in the lobby
by Derek November 17, 2004
A commonly misunderstood and stereotyped christian religion. Called Mormons because of their unique book, "The Book of Mormon" - which is called such after the name of the person that put the ancient records together and buried them. Really named "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" or LDS, for short. Nobody is required to pay without their own will. There are no rules, there are guidelines.
Mormons are not forced to become missionaries. There are a lot of people that never go on one. Only the most devoted go on missions, mormons are not brainwashed.
A religion that beleives in where one is going in this life and after this life, rather than focusing completely on the past and the death of Christ. There is no cross on the church buildings for this reason.
A religion that beleives that Everyone has a chance. Always and forever. Mormons beleive in forgivness and eternal salvation. They beleive that people that never heard of God before have a chance.
They believed that smoking and drinking was bad before there anyone knew it was hazardous to health.
Mormons are most commonly nice and have good morals.
Many LDS live in Utah.
Most mormons love Jello.
Mormons are treated with prejudice.
Missionaries walk around all day 15 hours a day for 2 years, and have 80% of the doors SLAMMED in their face.
Brigham Young did not commit suicide.
by shutupdangit May 15, 2004

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