Mythical creature who has the body of a man and horse.
That Mormon has sexy hind legs!
by MormonGang1 September 27, 2010
A group of people who, when they view and add comments to such devil-ridden heathen websites such as, will undoubtedly burn in the hell of their own making.
"You people making comments against the one true church of mormons on will undoubtedly end up in hell... what's that I smell? Oh shit I'm burning!"
by IanDaws December 29, 2007
A person of a religious cult that comes onto urban dictionary to attempt to make right the "wrongs" of what the rest of the users are saying about this religion. They try to say that all understandings about the Mormon faith are common misconceptions, then continue to promote Mormonism. Unfortunately, most of these "misconceptions" are actually plain truth; showing just how incompetent they truly are.
Guy one: Dude, this user on Urban totally just said that Mormonism is the right faith! Maybe it actually is...

Guy two: yeah, they're actually a Mormon too... They're lying, it isn't the right faith
by Lazinator July 12, 2009
A cult which started in Utah, that based on Perverted Bigotry. Through out history they believe they are greater then then other people, starting with women, then American and recently gays. Only When their non profit status gets threatened do they change their religion to include others.
steve "hey Bob did you see the way that guy treated those lesbians?"

Bob " yea, what fucking Mormon"
by twobarbreak December 19, 2008
A strict ass religion. You dont even get coffee or caffinated soda. Husband and wives have to many kids. Most think they are better than you. They trie to put there religion on you by fruits on bikes being wannabe Jehova Wittnesses.
Mr & Mrs Mormons brainwashing there kids. Into a magical world of Candy & disneyland.
by Setnom Odlijnamreh June 18, 2006
A person who believes in the book of mormon, other religions reject them saying that the book of mormons is fake, also called a cult.Most of the mormons live in Utah.
I am a mormon and I follow the Book of Mormons.
by Ctarrh June 13, 2006
Descendents of aliens from the planet Mormog, whose mothership crash-landed in the middle of what is known today as Salt Lake City, Utah. In an attempt to fit in, they adopted the dominant religion, Christianity, and twisted certain aspects around to suit their alien ways of life. The main compartment of the ruined craft survived however. It is buried approximately a mile underneath their greatest temple, and is heavily guarded by purposely grown (and carefully trained) biological monstrosities. The reason for all this security is that the craft harbors advanced mind-warping technology. Should they ever bring their advanced alien science into light, Mormons could tear the very fabric of Western society. Every non-Mormon mind would be enslaved to a great machine - an undetected, disembodied entity hidden (like the preserved remains of their ship) underneath their great temple - and forced to do their bidding. Those who resist would be exterminated via their lethal, telepathic powers. You have been warned.
The Osmonds are Mormons.
by Andrew Bastard May 16, 2006

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