Mythical creature who has the body of a man and horse.
That Mormon has sexy hind legs!
by MormonGang1 September 27, 2010
A group of people who, when they view and add comments to such devil-ridden heathen websites such as, will undoubtedly burn in the hell of their own making.
"You people making comments against the one true church of mormons on will undoubtedly end up in hell... what's that I smell? Oh shit I'm burning!"
by IanDaws December 29, 2007
A strict ass religion. You dont even get coffee or caffinated soda. Husband and wives have to many kids. Most think they are better than you. They trie to put there religion on you by fruits on bikes being wannabe Jehova Wittnesses.
Mr & Mrs Mormons brainwashing there kids. Into a magical world of Candy & disneyland.
by Setnom Odlijnamreh June 18, 2006
A person who believes in the book of mormon, other religions reject them saying that the book of mormons is fake, also called a cult.Most of the mormons live in Utah.
I am a mormon and I follow the Book of Mormons.
by Ctarrh June 13, 2006
A person of a religious cult that comes onto urban dictionary to attempt to make right the "wrongs" of what the rest of the users are saying about this religion. They try to say that all understandings about the Mormon faith are common misconceptions, then continue to promote Mormonism. Unfortunately, most of these "misconceptions" are actually plain truth; showing just how incompetent they truly are.
Guy one: Dude, this user on Urban totally just said that Mormonism is the right faith! Maybe it actually is...

Guy two: yeah, they're actually a Mormon too... They're lying, it isn't the right faith
by Lazinator July 12, 2009
The majority of a well-dressed colony of people that have chosen to live underground because no one likes them and/or likes to read their boring pamphlets. Go Away Already! Stay beneath the manholes you belong under.
Mormon: Hey little boy, want to lear about Hell?
Little Boy: Umm....
Little Boy's Dad: Stay away from my son you river rat!!!
by Bagelbites007 August 05, 2008
some freaky people who always knock on your door precisely during the middle of your dinner. Also believe that when they die they will become gods of their own planet, but only the men get a planet. Founded by Joseph Smith, who was previously convicted as being a con artist. They often piss you off.
The Mormon missionaries came to the door to preach to me, so I preached to them about the wonders of satanism and then told them if they did not leave my front porch they would be the main thing in my rituals. consequently, every Thursday evening I preform a blood sacrafice
by Sexy_sky_sky April 27, 2008

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