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the people that wear white shirts and ride bikes around town with helmets on preaching about jesus and other mormon garbage
i was recently attacked by a group of mormons that wanted to preach about jesus at walmart (this is true actually)
by PlayDohMan June 05, 2006
Descendents of aliens from the planet Mormog, whose mothership crash-landed in the middle of what is known today as Salt Lake City, Utah. In an attempt to fit in, they adopted the dominant religion, Christianity, and twisted certain aspects around to suit their alien ways of life. The main compartment of the ruined craft survived however. It is buried approximately a mile underneath their greatest temple, and is heavily guarded by purposely grown (and carefully trained) biological monstrosities. The reason for all this security is that the craft harbors advanced mind-warping technology. Should they ever bring their advanced alien science into light, Mormons could tear the very fabric of Western society. Every non-Mormon mind would be enslaved to a great machine - an undetected, disembodied entity hidden (like the preserved remains of their ship) underneath their great temple - and forced to do their bidding. Those who resist would be exterminated via their lethal, telepathic powers. You have been warned.
The Osmonds are Mormons.
by Andrew Bastard May 16, 2006
A name for a someone who does each of the following:
1. Glares at anyone without blonde hair or stupid plastered smile.
2. Rides their bike in the middle of the road, slowing all the real transportation down.
3. Knocks on your door with two friends, one may be the Anti-Christ
4. Believe women should get a lobotomy and keep pushing out more robot children
5. Never leave Salt Lake Valley because everything outside the walls are a danger to them and their children.
6. Believe African Americans are the devil
7. Stick to meat and potatoes every night, because they were born without taste buds
8. Will almost run your car off the road just to get themselves to church faster.
9. Make people cringe with how many children the pop out
10. Get married right out of high school to unsure the rest of their life is just making babies and network marketing
11. Decorating their home will send them to hell
Look at how many ob gyns there are on this street! We must be near mormons..
by traptINslc November 06, 2010
* Proper term is LDS
* They believe the following:

1) Believe God's name is Elloheem

2) Jesus and Satan are brothers

3) After the ressurection Jesus came to America, helped the Lamenites (Native Americans) win a great war, then wrote it on gold plates.

4) Elloheem is a pimp married multiple bitches and has lots of ghost babies

5) People need to have lots of kids, so the ghost babies can be born, even though some can't afford the ones they already have

6) Satan had an uprising, took his followers to Earth where they tell everyone to do bad things

7) Elloheem didn't like the angels who remained neutral in the great angel war, so he turned them into Black people

8) If people are good enough, they turn White and recieve their own planet

9) Joseph Smith is their idol and is bigger than Jesus and the Beetles

10) They also wear magic pajamas that protect them from ALL harm

11) They can't take anything which alters their state of mind such as: drugs, alcohol, and caffine (even though a vast majority of them keep the mtn dew industry running strong)
mormon, mormon, mormon...
by Hyperaktivemind July 27, 2010
a religion made up out of thin air by a guy named joseph smith. he prolly though he was gonna go to hell because he got shitfaced or something so he decided to fuck up the world as much as possible, which is why christians should have made more layers of hell when they made up their religion. that or he was always high and or hallucinated. so basically he claimed to get a bunch of visits from jesus and god. which anyone with an iq above 60 could tell he didnt. so he then translated these plates he got from the ground and magically read them behind a curtain and wouldnt allow anyone to see them. so he created a church which got a shitload of fallowers. so then some sane person shot him in the face in a desperate attempt to stop the attack of the shitfaced retards. they then moved to utah and massacured a lot of people who went there. then they created one of the most epic fantasy novels ever, the book of mormons. then they hijacked the boyscouts and kicked out all gays women athiests wiccans, people who believe in multiple gods and jews that they could find. they also buy the sidewalks in front of their church and routinely beat up gays on them for "tresspassing"

hence the story of the mormans
hey look 2 gays on our mormon sidewalk we didnt tell the public we own lets go beat them up for "tresspassing"
by dhibvasbf;adjsfkadhnsjbdgscjkh January 18, 2010
A person of a religious cult that comes onto urban dictionary to attempt to make right the "wrongs" of what the rest of the users are saying about this religion. They try to say that all understandings about the Mormon faith are common misconceptions, then continue to promote Mormonism. Unfortunately, most of these "misconceptions" are actually plain truth; showing just how incompetent they truly are.
Guy one: Dude, this user on Urban totally just said that Mormonism is the right faith! Maybe it actually is...

Guy two: yeah, they're actually a Mormon too... They're lying, it isn't the right faith
by Lazinator July 12, 2009
A cult which started in Utah, that based on Perverted Bigotry. Through out history they believe they are greater then then other people, starting with women, then American and recently gays. Only When their non profit status gets threatened do they change their religion to include others.
steve "hey Bob did you see the way that guy treated those lesbians?"

Bob " yea, what fucking Mormon"
by twobarbreak December 19, 2008