The majority of a well-dressed colony of people that have chosen to live underground because no one likes them and/or likes to read their boring pamphlets. Go Away Already! Stay beneath the manholes you belong under.
Mormon: Hey little boy, want to lear about Hell?
Little Boy: Umm....
Little Boy's Dad: Stay away from my son you river rat!!!
by Bagelbites007 August 05, 2008
someone who's cpw ratio (children per wife)is too big
This stupid mormon that I know is a moocher and doesn't know when to shut the fuck up
by intrnashonalsuperstud 0 July 14, 2008
some freaky people who always knock on your door precisely during the middle of your dinner. Also believe that when they die they will become gods of their own planet, but only the men get a planet. Founded by Joseph Smith, who was previously convicted as being a con artist. They often piss you off.
The Mormon missionaries came to the door to preach to me, so I preached to them about the wonders of satanism and then told them if they did not leave my front porch they would be the main thing in my rituals. consequently, every Thursday evening I preform a blood sacrafice
by Sexy_sky_sky April 27, 2008
Cult based religion that breeds purely to outnumber the rest of the United States. Normally of lesser intelligence, tends to worship Jon Heder i.e. Napoleon Dynamite
Those wacky mormons, trying to fuvk their way to the top.
by Corkey October 10, 2007
Totally lost group of people who claim to be living by the Word of God when they are already breaking the rule of the Bible by having another book to live by. They claim their views and teachings will save you from an eternity in hell, when the truth is they will be going there anyway.
Hilary Clinton is so wrong I'm suprised she's not a mormon!
by Breezy DSB August 07, 2007
mormons are these strange narrow minded people that have no or very little perspective as to other religions/non mormons and look down apon gays and anyone who looks a little weird (such as weird hair colours piercings etc) They dont drink tea or coffee however alot of them find excuses to eat chocolate. no alchohol...they resit 'temptation' before marriage and cannot even touch their own 'sacred' areas b4 marriage... my goodness
andy says he resists temptation, but what that basically means is he wakes up in the morning with a boner and doesn't do anything about it! (courtesy of sophie)

my friend thought mormons were 'mole people' who live underground in burrows'
by kittycat1989 February 27, 2007
the people that wear white shirts and ride bikes around town with helmets on preaching about jesus and other mormon garbage
i was recently attacked by a group of mormons that wanted to preach about jesus at walmart (this is true actually)
by PlayDohMan June 05, 2006

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