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The correct definition for this being the (Cockney) slang for face.
He got a punch right in the mooey, the cheeky...

also Taken from the film Nil by Mouth (1997)

"Never stopped him going to the pub, though. No, he was well enough to do that. Now, one day, right, he's staggering across the pub pissed from the night before. He's gone over, crunch, right on his mooey, like a fucking ironing board. His hooter's around here, his railings all over the fucking place."
by stuntedmonk April 11, 2007
def: mooey (adjective) to be 'mooey' is to hold a grumpy disposition. Credit to the For Our Hero boys <3
Jimmy is mooey at his beloved
by chelsmander8 February 09, 2010
The front of the female reproductive organ, the "vagina" mooey being a replacement for the term bijingo frequently used to describe that paticular part of the anatomy. Stemming from the use of the word in the office as a substitute for words that would otherwise be inappropriate.
I bet she's got a hairy mooey!
by Chris Moores July 17, 2006
to be 'mooey' is to hold a grumpy disposition.....official definition in the twitterverse....especially in the line of short stack and jimmymachan followers
jimmy is mooey at beloved.
by twitkid February 04, 2010
A word used which has no meaning but must be used in a context specific to the user.
"How are you feeling?"


"Nice to know"
by mkjbn August 16, 2011
one who you're committed to; significant other, partner, lover, fiancee;
"John is my mooey"
by twitch880 February 03, 2010
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