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a very amazing band from melbourne, doing what they can to be the best they can.
amanda: I can't wait for the for our hero concert.
rehm: yeh, me to. im so excited.
bec: im so freaking excited, they are so amazing live.
by iliketodrinkslurpeees December 07, 2009
for our hero are a band consiting of 6 members including their lyricst Beau Taplin, brother Jay taplin lead singer, guitarst Leon Blair and Dave tran, drumbber Nax Vee and bassist Geoff Taylor. they are a small band from melbourne who are amazing and the most nicest guy you could ever meet. They have amazing lyrics with real meaning. They are amazing live so be sure to get along to one of their gigs you wont regret it!
maria: omg how amazing was for our hero today?
shae: i know they're great and so hot! XD
by iheartFOHalways December 23, 2009
A brilliant band from melbourne who are extremely talented, lovely to their fans and very humble. Also exceptional live performers with great stage presences.
you: hey, whats some good music i can listen to?
me: for our hero
*listens to for our hero*
you: i am in love
by therealfan June 20, 2010
The most Gay band ever. (and I mean EVER.)
ME: hey sonja, what is the most gay band ever?
SONJA: For Our Hero of course
ME: Yeah, totally!!!!
by Gizmooch December 01, 2009
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