A mongoose is (A FART) the presence of a mixture of gases known as flatus in the digestive tract of mammals expelled from the rectum (SHOT OUT YOUR ASS, OR SOME ELSE'S ASS). It is more commonly known as 'farting', 'passing gas', or 'breaking wind'. Flatus (THE FART) is expelled under pressure through the anus (THE ASSHOLE), whereby, as a result of the voluntary (PUSHING IT OUT) or involuntary (WHOOPS, SLIPPED OUT) tensing of the anal sphincter, the rapid evacuation of gases from the lower intestine occurs. Depending upon the relative state of the sphincter (relaxed/tense) and the positions of the buttocks, this often results in an audible crackling or trumpeting sound (LOUD OR LOUDER), but gas can also be passed quietly (SBD, SILENT BUT DEADLY)). The olfactory components (STINK) of flatulence include skatole, indole, and sulfurous compounds (NASTY ASS SMELLS). The non-odorous gases are mainly nitrogen (ingested), carbon dioxide (produced by aerobic microbes or ingested), and hydrogen (produced by some microbes), as well as lesser amounts of oxygen (ingested) and methane (produced by anaerobic microbes). Odors result from trace amounts of other components (often containing sulfur compounds)(ROTTEN EGG SMELL).
Q. "What is that smell?"
A. "Mongoose"

Q. "Did you let a mongoose escape?"
A. "Sorry"
by Rainyadair November 05, 2007
Top Definition
A ferocious beastly animal who wanders the jungles and riverbanks in search of inferior animals to devour.
Dude that Mongoose ate my dog.
by Bob July 24, 2003
A person who flirts with as many people as possible, and then rejects those who inevitably fall in love. Stems from an unhealthy low self-esteem, as they want to feel loved by as many people as possible, regardless of whether or not they actually like said people. Originated from the idea that people don't know whether a mongoose eats a snake or a snake eats a mongoose.
1 - I think I've fallen in love with you...
2 - Oh... well, sorry, I don't feel the same.
1 - What? But you've given me all the signals!
2 - Oh yeah, haha, I tend to do that. ^^
1 - You're such a mongoose. :'(
2 - Excuse me?
by disastrophe March 28, 2009
Like the vehicle in Halo, a mongoose is that one bro who every girl knows is there but no one wants to ride.
"God, there are like no guys at this party"
'What about Mike?"
"Nah he's such a mongoose"
by claymor1515 November 28, 2011
1) Someone who constantly acts like a clown and is slightly retarded.

2) A more politically correct alternative to mongole - a word related to the country of Mongolia

2) Also a small furry creature
1) Facey, give me back my watermelon you mongoose!

2) That mongoose is gonna get kicked outta school

3) Your mother's a mongoose!

by Adrian Glenn October 23, 2005
The name for a girl who is the village bicycle but a mongoose has pegs there for more than one person can take a ride at any given time making her even more of a slut
Zac and Austin rode a mongoose named Brittany whom has had up to 4 other people at one time
by You keyed my truck August 17, 2004
A high powered bitch, usually with a hyphenated last name. These women hate men and are snake killers.
Have you seen that new chick in legal? Yeah, her last name has a hyphen. That bitch is a power hungry mongoose.
by deathfordough July 17, 2015
A cocky dick that talks to loads of girls, arrogant, self obsessed and overall a douche
God that guy is such a "mongoose"
by Myaahh April 24, 2015

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