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A very difficult sexual maneuver in which an individual uses his erect or semi erect penis to penitrate his/her partner's anus and subsequently urinates in him/her internally. This usually results in a NASCAR style expulsion of urine from the receiving party's anus. Thus, the moniker of "gas can".
I gave that bitch a gas can.
by Shaun Goater October 08, 2006
19 12
While doing a girl from behind and just as you are about to cum, grab an avalaible gas can and hit her in the back of the neck. See donkey punch

(credit PCHIII, Supertech)
Phil gas canned his new girlfriend last night.
by ztohs November 17, 2003
12 17
the missing item that violet has!!
is john there ...i have his gas can!!
by HDGHDAISUUSGY October 04, 2003
3 8