a slang term for vagina.
Mongoose eats snakes.
by storm998763 December 13, 2009
A mongoose is (A FART) the presence of a mixture of gases known as flatus in the digestive tract of mammals expelled from the rectum (SHOT OUT YOUR ASS, OR SOME ELSE'S ASS). It is more commonly known as 'farting', 'passing gas', or 'breaking wind'. Flatus (THE FART) is expelled under pressure through the anus (THE ASSHOLE), whereby, as a result of the voluntary (PUSHING IT OUT) or involuntary (WHOOPS, SLIPPED OUT) tensing of the anal sphincter, the rapid evacuation of gases from the lower intestine occurs. Depending upon the relative state of the sphincter (relaxed/tense) and the positions of the buttocks, this often results in an audible crackling or trumpeting sound (LOUD OR LOUDER), but gas can also be passed quietly (SBD, SILENT BUT DEADLY)). The olfactory components (STINK) of flatulence include skatole, indole, and sulfurous compounds (NASTY ASS SMELLS). The non-odorous gases are mainly nitrogen (ingested), carbon dioxide (produced by aerobic microbes or ingested), and hydrogen (produced by some microbes), as well as lesser amounts of oxygen (ingested) and methane (produced by anaerobic microbes). Odors result from trace amounts of other components (often containing sulfur compounds)(ROTTEN EGG SMELL).
Q. "What is that smell?"
A. "Mongoose"

Q. "Did you let a mongoose escape?"
A. "Sorry"
by Rainyadair November 05, 2007
its a word for a slut it means the local bicyle dats slept with every1 including those of the same sex
haha shes a mongoose

yer innit
by angela February 27, 2005
1: (n.) a mammal of the musteline family, related to the weasel, mostly found in asia.
2: (n.) Slang for a rather large penis. Used typically in a joking manner.
1: "Ow! That mongoose bit me!"
2: "Those spandex tights really accentuate that mongoose of his... jeez it's like OUT THERE!"
by Adustus November 12, 2004
a sad little club with sad little men who are actually scared of snakes no matter what they say.
a sexy threesome of like strolls in kent and small dogs named Bengitas
hi there im a mongoose and proud of it! YEAH
by gy6h April 14, 2008
Obsessivly used by Alia (see Alia, or, Queen of France) directed mostly towards people of Neo-France (see Neo-France) in placement of most nouns/verbs/adjectives and other.
"hi2u mongoose!"
"omg, you're a mongoose."
"mongeese rock."
by Aria Mi-hyung Kang June 01, 2004
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