its a word for a slut it means the local bicyle dats slept with every1 including those of the same sex
haha shes a mongoose

yer innit
by angela February 27, 2005
1: (n.) a mammal of the musteline family, related to the weasel, mostly found in asia.
2: (n.) Slang for a rather large penis. Used typically in a joking manner.
1: "Ow! That mongoose bit me!"
2: "Those spandex tights really accentuate that mongoose of his... jeez it's like OUT THERE!"
by Adustus November 12, 2004
a sad little club with sad little men who are actually scared of snakes no matter what they say.
a sexy threesome of like strolls in kent and small dogs named Bengitas
hi there im a mongoose and proud of it! YEAH
by gy6h April 14, 2008
Obsessivly used by Alia (see Alia, or, Queen of France) directed mostly towards people of Neo-France (see Neo-France) in placement of most nouns/verbs/adjectives and other.
"hi2u mongoose!"
"omg, you're a mongoose."
"mongeese rock."
by Aria Mi-hyung Kang June 01, 2004
the way of when someone masturbates then flirts and then rapes him/her when he/she is 18 or older
by diego June 02, 2003
A general term used to discribe any sexual interaction between a long haired gothic chick and her obsessed numeric boyfriend.
Obsessed numeric boyfriend: Mooooooongoooose?

Long haired gothic chick: RRRRrrrrrrrrraooooW!
by 7 November 03, 2004

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