A person, usually male, with no game. Not only without game, but uses ridiculous tactics and lines to gain attention. This person usually thinks that they are the
P-I-M-P, but they are absolutely NOT.
Mary: Yikes! That guy is so lame. I wish he would just get out of here.
Jane: I know it. He such a moke.
by Nicholeg May 10, 2006
To smoke marijuana.
Yo, what up, you wanna moke later? I got five on it.
by JaYs October 24, 2003
Cigarette preferably a Newport 100
Gimme a Moke
by Fuzii Nugz December 01, 2003
little meaning stopword mainly used by lazy bums trying to lead
signup mokes!
by petat June 05, 2004
The act of smoking marijuana.
Hey man, do you want to moke?
by Jesus January 10, 2004
the white film that sits on the water in the tub when the bubbles are gone
Debbie sat in the bubble bath until the bubbles turned to moke.
by Fidget January 29, 2005
When a woman chokes on the male organ
Cindy Moked on Tom at the party
by Bob Frapples November 11, 2003

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