pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for the equillivant of a red neck. Speaks pidgeon, walks around in brokken slippahs, has a beer belly, probablly lives in a tent city by the beach. Drinks beer, sings burping songs, and has eleventeen children by different mothers, some could be his cousins or sister or BOTH?
Moke: Eh where all da kidz went? Dis place is one mess! Make em clean em up shoot! We not some Some red neck living in da stich brah! Where my beer went? No more? I going get samoa!

English translated: Where did all the kids go? This place is a mess! Please get them to clean it up. We're not some MOKE living in a tent city! Where is my beer? We dont have any more? Well then I will go and get some more!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007
This means that something is fine by you if someone asks you to do something for you or you are doing them a favour.
"Can you pass the remote?"
*passes remote control*
by CHARcoal September 04, 2006
people that talk pidgeon and are from hawaii.
Eh brah get dakine? Ho killahz ah. Cheeeheeee Pono!
by Tasi August 12, 2003
A special 'jeep' version of the British car the Mini. Open topped with a square body, used in the 60's TV series 'The Prisoner' . Kit build versions are also known as the 'Scamp'. Although they looked cool and like a 4x4 , on the body is differnt from the original Mini, so the chassis is only 2 wheel drive, 10" wheels and the same suspension height making it not very good at being off-road...
'My dads moke looks cool, but it cant go off road, heck! it struggles with small bumps in the road let alone cross country! lol'
by Evil-Ernie June 06, 2003
an annoying ugly person, a stupid dork. must be ugly.
wow, what a moke.
man, that guy is a moke.
by Ricky G. April 29, 2007
absolutely anything
mlook at that moke...narc that moke...mokelicious
by cul May 31, 2004
A person, usually male, with no game. Not only without game, but uses ridiculous tactics and lines to gain attention. This person usually thinks that they are the
P-I-M-P, but they are absolutely NOT.
Mary: Yikes! That guy is so lame. I wish he would just get out of here.
Jane: I know it. He such a moke.
by Nicholeg May 10, 2006

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