Poor quality Cocaine that is mixed with powdered Methamphetamine to attain a stronger high. There is an obvious degradation in quality but the price stays the same as it is usually sold on the streets.
Friend 1: I don't know about this gram man...my nose is already bleeding and feels like it's on fire.
Friend 2: Yeah, I think he sold us some Moke cuz' I'm already itching and grinding my teeth.
by Boytigra October 22, 2008
the one thing that we can rely on for now and forever. the corner-stone of any satiating (vicarious or otherwise) routine. trust moke.
household moke, ordinary moke, everyday moke. you know man, you know? moke just just moke. not a novelty. moke.
by silencut March 02, 2009
A backhand slap directed towards male reproductive organs. Usually found amongst gatherings of teen boys.
omg I just gave George a moke that made him cry.
by The_Deej February 12, 2009
Mob muscle.
When Guido fell behind his payment schedule the loan sharks sent over the mokes for a tune-up.
by Anton Chigurh January 08, 2009
another word for smoke so insted of sayin smoke a cig you say moke a nig
me: hey wanna moke a nig

Daryn: hell yeah gimme that
by adam3036 November 10, 2008
1. An ugly girl, typically a teenager or young women

2. A term of affection used between guys
Person 1 - "Damn man, check out that moke."
Person 2 - "That's my girlfriend you asshat."
Person 1 - "That's not my fault."

Person 1 - "Howdy mokes."
Person 2 + 3 - "Muertate en un fuego."
by J-Matt October 08, 2008
moke is a word used in hawaii, to describe someone who acts super local; they can be of different racial backgrounds, but mostly hawaiians.
their pidgin is usually heavier; they're like hawaiian macgyvers with their creativity, but their things usually aren't as cool. such as someone i know, who duct taped 2 mcdonalds tray to a piece of ply board, and used it to go grassboarding.
people often mistake mokes for being stupid, but they're not... they just have a different sense of thought; often not caring about things that people might consider important to intelligence, what they do know and know about, they're very smart when it comes to the facts of those.
brah, that moke went kick that haole guy's ass! good thing too, stupid fuckin' haole thought he was better than us cause we speak pidgin. that's one for the mokes brah.
by xenoshi April 01, 2008

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