1)Short for mom
2)Short for more
3)Short for moron
4)nick name
1)But MO!
2)I'd like some mo, please.
3)Shut the fuck up MO!
4)His real name's marcus, but we call him mo
by Sylk Cream October 05, 2005
To make more than the needed amount.
This guy made two slides. That jerk mo'ed us!
by anonymous2299211 June 16, 2009
Nickname used by Almighty Black P Stone Nation gang,i.e., Chunky Mo or Mo Money. Also was a neighborhood in Englewood, Chicago (The real Englewood nigga not to be confused with that fake ass Cali bullshit) that was a stronghold of the Stones.
Yo shit son I was just kickin it with them Moes over there in Maywood last night. Them niggas were sprayin lead out there on Madison last night.
by D FolKKz April 26, 2008
MO - Multiple Orgasm.

To have many orgasms, one after the other in short succession.
I MO'd so hard that I soaked the sheets last night.
by Fairchildjune August 04, 2013
Short for mustache. The term "mo" has gained notoriety and been propelled to international fame by the Movember movement.

Originated in Australia, Movember is an annual campaign to raise money for mens' health issues; notably prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Every year men across the globe begin November 1 with a clean shaven face and spend the month growing and grooming a mustache in an effort to raise awareness, and money.
Dude, check out that hideous Mo on school janitor.

Today when I took my Mo to the gas station a little girl screamed at the sight of us and hid behind her mother.
by Yosemite.Sam October 19, 2009
A severe contraction of at least four words. Spoken when time is of the essence in speech.. fights, heated disputes, et cetera. "I am going to" becomes "'Mo".
"Mo beat your ass bitch!"
("I am going to beat your ass bitch!")
by happyguy49 March 27, 2009
stands for make out
My boyfriend and I totally moed at the river yesterday for like 2 hours.
by skizzylizzy July 10, 2008
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