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The most beautiful region of Massachusetts.
The opposite of the North Shore (worst place in the U.S.).
The South Shore softball team always wins when the play the North Shore.
by botox January 20, 2005
Name of Royal German descent.
One who is strong and takes what he wants.
One who rules with an iron fist.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is so Darsch.
by botox January 18, 2005
To be drunk.
So drunk you make poor decisions.
I went to the brew house last night and I was moed. So moed, I hooked up with Wagner.
by botox January 20, 2005
One who is lazy.
Someone who chooses not to do anything unless it involves eating or drinking beer.
Bill is so silta, he never leaves the house for anything but beer.
by botox January 17, 2005
A put down.
Synonym: Shut up.
-Bye Rabowsky.
-Later Bickfords!
by botox January 20, 2005
It is also a shitty bar in Pembroke.
-See ya, Rabowsky.
-Laredos, Pizzamenti
by botox January 20, 2005
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