a person who has no personality, or the act of havingno intelligence what so ever
a joke that everyone clearly understands, a Mo would say something like OMG get it... wicked delayed
by cjh26 August 19, 2010
A loud, obnoxious person who is both weird and annoying, talks as if he is a mile away from people. Also slang for homo.
-Wow he is pullin a mo...

Damn dude your ears must hurt
by Tommy Mo May 27, 2010
To get really bad head, specifically including a lot of teeth.
Man, I got moed last nighi, I think there may be scars.

Dude, don't go with her. she'll mo you.

It was her first time giving me a blow job, so I didn't have the balls to tell her she moed me.
by Ta Mir May 02, 2010
To make more than the needed amount.
This guy made two slides. That jerk mo'ed us!
by anonymous2299211 June 16, 2009
A severe contraction of at least four words. Spoken when time is of the essence in speech.. fights, heated disputes, et cetera. "I am going to" becomes "'Mo".
"Mo beat your ass bitch!"
("I am going to beat your ass bitch!")
by happyguy49 March 27, 2009
Homo (Gay-Someone that likes the same sex)
Or somebody that just isn't with the program.
That man is mo.
by Casino516 February 19, 2009
stands for make out
My boyfriend and I totally moed at the river yesterday for like 2 hours.
by skizzylizzy July 10, 2008

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