A cool guy who always knows what to do in every situation. The complexity of his personality makes up for the simplicity of his name. He has many secret hobbies and is good at most things he does. Everything he achieves is a result of hardwork and passion.
Did you see that?

Dude, you totally went all Mo on his skinny white ass.
by Pro-mo February 04, 2010
Short for Moustache.
Esp. a ridiculous wassisname from The Darkness/Paul Thompson from Franz Ferdinand
ehehehehehe! He's got a pimp mo!
by Pretty Vacant May 17, 2004
MO - Multiple Orgasm.

To have many orgasms, one after the other in short succession.
I MO'd so hard that I soaked the sheets last night.
by Fairchildjune August 04, 2013
Im From the Mo. ya know?
by CnClear January 27, 2011
short for a collection of words.


and anything that begins with MO for that matter.
-He is doing great!
-yeah, he has a bunch of MO


- i am so not getting anything done, lacking MO today.
by man of the MOment April 13, 2010
someone who cheers up the Intapeople offices with his wit and wisdom.
"Every office needs a Mo"
by The Amused Co-Worker April 10, 2010
An exclamation to express you amazement at something that is good.
Ice cream is ready.
Response: mo!

You just won a million dollars.
Response: mo!
by gerrypez July 14, 2009

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