slang for a member of the travelling community
look out ! the minks are coming !
by greasy23 July 04, 2006
A female girl or woman that posses animal like cuteness. She must have large attractive eyes, dark complexion and be desired by all. Usually petite in nature.
Did you see that girl at the bar last night...? She was a minks
by DJ Virgin October 04, 2009
excellent, perfect. like cool, only minker. probably derived from "mint".
so mink it hurts. you dont know your mink from your lame. that was mink. how mink was that?
by g February 10, 2004
To be of glamor, eye popping, JUST FCKING MINK, U NO WHAT I MEAN!!!!
That car is fcking MINK!!!!!
by SvEvAnAtEr? December 04, 2006
Fur of an animal that varies da colors from white to black
Look at mah expensive mink
by babygurl14364 September 23, 2003
Someone with no money that smells and looks ugly. Usually seen picking up tabbies from the pavement.
Get a job and wash you mink
by Lynners May 02, 2005
Slang for vagina
"the colder the weather the warmer the mink"- Big Sean
by LEMONZ February 13, 2013
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