A small female creature who is attracted to the meep.
Randomly bites peoples shoulders and makes random sounds that other animals make. I.E Meow!
The mink is unexampleable.
by Gav G October 02, 2006
A game played when you sock someone in the arm really hard while shouting MINK! whenever they contradict themselves while speaking aloud.

Billy says "i've got three quarters, 'just enough to buy this hamburger." (The hamburger is $1.)

Mike Hollers "MINK!" Socking Billy in the arm.
by gimmi3_allda_c00chi3 April 17, 2009
Lke a weasle but prettier.
I bought a mink coat and a zuchinni-munching weasle came at me with a chainsaw.
by El Fredo November 03, 2004
to perform a sexual act with a person of the same sex on ones knees
"my parents caught me and my boyfriend minking in my bedroom last night."
by lrg. peter November 29, 2009
Cross between minging and rank.
Something cheap/ tacky/ generally disgusting.

"Eurgh ..that's mink"

"How come they have mink in the sony erickson dictionary and not penguin... lets complain"
by sopty January 07, 2008
He likes to play with his mink.
by pseudonymunknown January 24, 2010
v. to hit one in the head by any means; the action of a group of people holding down one so as for the one person to get flicked in the head, squeezed by the nipples, pinched by the thighs, pinched behind the knees, etc.
*Flick on the head* "MINKED!"
by Bobby Wong November 14, 2005

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