A boy who goes out with a girl younger than him because he cannot get a girlfriend his own age.
where is mary?

shes with joseph the mink.
by johhny red cap November 10, 2008
Lke a weasle but prettier.
I bought a mink coat and a zuchinni-munching weasle came at me with a chainsaw.
by El Fredo November 03, 2004
to perform a sexual act with a person of the same sex on ones knees
"my parents caught me and my boyfriend minking in my bedroom last night."
by lrg. peter November 29, 2009
Cross between minging and rank.
Something cheap/ tacky/ generally disgusting.

"Eurgh ..that's mink"

"How come they have mink in the sony erickson dictionary and not penguin... lets complain"
by sopty January 07, 2008
a tag writter with evil pimpin' skillz and a phat ride.
oh snap, there goes Mink. i wish i had abilities too.
by mink November 03, 2003
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