Slang for vagina
"the colder the weather the warmer the mink"- Big Sean
by LEMONZ February 13, 2013
A mink is a young person who tries to be cool. Who is judged by a more experience cooler person.

The perception of a mink is either the experience of recognizing the qualities of your very own awkward stages of coming of age. Simultaneously it is a resistance to accept the new cool. Because of the field of grey that accompanies trying to be cool and becoming cool. And the fact that a mink can read you with innocence and truth, without the knowledge or experience of having to work towards what you have achieved and become.

The non-mink is the coolest, but will gradually become less cool in regards to the younger minks progress to becoming a non-mink. Therefore it is the task of a non-mink to define and demean minks, the defining of a mink keeps a non-mink in the position of cool superiority.

For many, minkyness is most fully exibited in someone who they have grown up with that is younger than them. Because they have always remained further along in the progress of de-mink-ification, and they form their view of a mink based on a younger sibling or neighbor.

Eventually, the non-mink will realize the absurdity of their quest to renounce minkery, and begin to piece together the broken pieces of remaining mink they have left. The non-mink wishes to hide behind the fabrication of cool to appear to be cool themselves. With the goal of defining cool. But what is truly and ultimately cool is to be yourself. The coolest people, do just that.
The term mink can be applied as readily as the term hipster.

"Look at those fucking minks"
"You are such a mink!"
"I know, she never smoked weed before, and when she saw me smoking it I could tell how freaked she was, but she tried to pretend like it was normal for her. What a mink!"
"I saw this mink the other day, he got the same tattoo as me!"
by Mr.Code January 27, 2012
Someone who is sexually verile.
He screws like a mink!
by Fluffy Chunks March 22, 2006
a minging chink, witch makes mink, total gift of a word, lawson i thank you for it
shes some mink. state of her eyes
hatoooo im am not a mink
her mink get us some egg fried lice
by joe curran April 11, 2008
a racist word for a mongolian.
Lauren is not a chink,shes a mink!
by greatest girl in the world March 30, 2009
A boy who goes out with a girl younger than him because he cannot get a girlfriend his own age.
where is mary?

shes with joseph the mink.
by johhny red cap November 10, 2008
An innocent animal that is killed for it's fur.
Rich dumb bitch: Hmmm, don't you like my beautiful soft mink fur coat.

Intellegent animal lover: You disguise me (throws up).
by Jeffrop6691 March 16, 2007

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