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Being or having extraordinary, high class, and/or expensive qualities.
Best Man: That stripper was mink last night.


Steven: These new headphones aren't just rellin, they're mink!
by Sahara April 21, 2005
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Someone who dosent or cant afford to wash.
Look at the state of her hair she is such a mink.
by Shane May 02, 2003
an extraordinarily attractive female, whom you are in aquantance with. Similar to a fox.
Look at jackson, what a mink
by unknown December 11, 2002
Wise, mischievous, clever and naughty. A 'cheeky' trickster (n.), or (adj.) used to describe something riddled with contradictions, surprises and intrigue. The term has evolved to describe everything from an unclean denizen on the street who may also be an expert secretly in the know, to the opposite of anything related to wealth, excess and exclusivity - often to do with sex.
* Irony: Many usages of mink are usually in direct conflict with an opposite usage or meaning; therein lying the irony. Often the meaning can change depending on the context and tone.
* Origins (many): In British slang, "minky" can be used to describe a woman's desirable sex or her genitalia directly ("mink" or "minky"), and can sometimes also be found used in combination with "cheeky monkey". Also related is "minger" used to describe an undesirable and unseemly woman or her sex directly; a "Minx" is a "pert, flirtatious and impudent young woman". In Native American folklore, the reputation of the actual animal's spirit in is known as a trickster and fire-starter, much like the coyote.
Don't trust that little mink. She knows everything, but won't tell you.
by wompm April 28, 2008
as townie, charver and ned
found in and around the schemes of dundee
tracksuit bottoms, a stripey jumper, baseball cap
and more recently a hooded jumper with the hood up, even when inside
by linz dee October 18, 2003
(noun) An extremely awesome group of girls who are beyond fabulous. Everyone wants to be a mink, but very few can because it is an exclusive group.
Round up the minks, were going bowling!
by mink101 June 13, 2011
Cool, premium, extraordinary, clever, classy. Above the rest.
The DJ at this club is mink!
by Detycx7gt5 December 08, 2013
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