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1. A bird
2. A clothing store found in most malls around the country
1. Whoa look at that american eagle feeding its young.
2. Whoa those jeans you got at American Eagle are so cute.
#hollister #abercrombie #aeropostale #ae #preps
by Jeffrop6691 February 15, 2006
An animal liberation group that most people hate. Some ignorant people havn't come to realise that breaking the law is the only way to freedom. Most of you say that they are "terrorists". They are nothing even close. If breaking the law for freedom no matter of species, race, or gender is wrong, then why is it that we fight wars? We are killing people aren't we? That is against the law last time I checked. I was ok for the black panther party (a group of blacks that used violence to gain freedom), but it's not okay for the ALF to use violence for the freedom of animals? What makes humans think they are superior to other species anyways? I mean if we are so "superior" than can you please explain to me why we fuck things up so bad? War, Animal Cruelty, Pollution, etc. I could go on for pages. If we have the largest brains (which I never hear the end of) then why are we the most ignorant. As for PETA. Give them a break. Sure, they make some mistakes. But who doesn't. Oh and btw I really don't give a shit if you rate this 'thumbs down'. It just proves how many of you are ignorant.
ALF: (free's animals)

Ignorant person: You guys are terrorists and aren't helping at all!

ALF: Tell that to the racoon I just freed.
#peta #animal liberation #animal rights #freedom #peace
by Jeffrop6691 March 18, 2007
What killed Steve Irwin. Sadly people have done what I worried most. Taking your anger out on the stingrays will get u NOWHERE. The hipocrits on this site saying the fish is a "cunt", "bitch", and "fucker" are ignorant lowlife peices of shits. We are all sad about the loss of one of the greatest people the world has ever seen. I'm sure Steve is rolling in his grave because of the things people are saying and doing to these innocent fish. This isn't steve-like at all. Yall should be ashamed.
You can't love Steve Irwin and hate stingrays at the same time.
#steve irwin #australia #tail #fish #nature
by Jeffrop6691 February 08, 2007
1.Hypocrite who advertised for PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign and wore a fur coat to a Milan fashion show shortly after.

2. To start a fight with Tyra Banks and lose miserably.
1. Naomi Campbell: I would never wear fur. I think I'm going to make myself look like a huge hypocrite and pose for a PETA ad and wear fur shortly after!

2.-Kathy: I went on the Tyra Banks show and talked about my drug abuse, and we got into a fight and I lost miserably.

-Friend of kathy: Your such a Naomi Campbell!
#hypocrite #bitch #fur-hag #animal killer #dumb fuck
by Jeffrop6691 March 15, 2007
1.A great place to bounce balls and piss off employees
2.A place i hate to go to because u go in and want only a few things and end up paying 400 dollars.
3.A place that almost everyone goes to but complains about it. seriously ppl if u dont like it then why go there?
John: i threw this red ball across the aisle and some lady yelled at me, it was great!

Mary: ok kids wait here ill be back in a few minutes.
::3 hours later:: sry i just had to get some extra things and this time i only spent 400$!! what a bargan!

Man walking into wal-mart: god i hate this place, oh well
#shit #crap #sweatshop #mexican #cheap
by Jeffrop6691 June 10, 2006
An innocent animal that is killed for it's fur.
Rich dumb bitch: Hmmm, don't you like my beautiful soft mink fur coat.

Intellegent animal lover: You disguise me (throws up).
#fur #animal #coat #kill #helpless
by Jeffrop6691 March 16, 2007
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