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A word meaning real and/or kick ass.
Yo, that girl wasn't fronting! She was rellin!

I am so rellin right now, no shit.
by Sahara April 05, 2005
A word that can be used for many reasons, infact pretty much anything. Can be shortend to Rell
- Being off your head (prob the most used)
- Being Angry
- Beating someone up
- Recovering from the night before
- Having sex
- Oh my god, i've had too much i am Rellin my face off!
- Stone cold is soo annoyin hes made me Rell
- I'm gonna rell all over his face, he's a dead man
- Last night was rellin, i'm relling hard
- I'm gonna rel her soo hard!
#wrecked #fight #anger #sex #hungover #drunk
by Tmouse April 28, 2008
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