A big, evil corporation hell bent on world domination, lead by Satan himself, Bill Gates - Multi Billionaire/prince of darkness. Headquaters in Seattle/Hell.
"Hey, what do you think of Microsoft?"

"oh, you mean the company that promotes EVIL?"
by JustinFromAus August 10, 2006
A badly made OS that will destroy all of mankind and enslave all of the surviving humans. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!

it also doesn't work worth sh*t and crashes every 5 minutes. it also F*CKS UP ALL YOUR PERIPHERALS AND KEYBOARDS!!!
see also Trsdahgfdajkhfg...SORRY, Microsoft f*cked my keyboard... see also Trojan Virus
by Jordan654 February 18, 2006
An evil organization bent on controlling everyone in the world to make Bill Gates richer. They are responsible for shelling out the horrible video game console, the Xbox, ehich sucks worse than any NeoGeo console. Their e-mail services known as hotmail, and their communication services are the worst services in the world when compared to Yahoo or AOL.
Ugh, this Microsoft Messenger is frustrating the hell out of me.
by Logical Thinker August 16, 2005
Nuke Targert Of many places around the world!
There are 2,036 Nuke targeted at microsoft!
by MeDude August 12, 2005
A comapny that should be called macrohard. They are run by shitbrains and the government is stupid becuase they won't SMASH the monopoly. See Bill Gates
The company is microsoft, but it's also macrohard. Macrohard is more reflective of the company. Microsoft is Macrohard, Firefox will FireGates!
by Gaurav Garg May 20, 2005
a word used to describe your penis.
arto's dick is just microsoft!!!
by toudi January 30, 2008
satan, nuff said, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs too (apple isnt exempt)
who microsoft wants YOU to serve

wow, microsoft is satan, im switching to linux
by Knockout Ned January 10, 2006

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