The company whose products (including programming languages, operating systems, and productivity software titles) form the backbone of modern computing.
Microsoft is a fine example of 'horizontal growth'.
by Shanya Almafeta May 09, 2003
A group of neo-nazis worshipping al malfunctioning stereo. A.K.A. My heroes.
Microsoft cant be bad......look at the freaking money they've made!
by Jason March 18, 2005
An enlightened company that is try to standardize software program interfaces to reduce training time while also providing useful and powerful applications.
Windows NT should replace linux servers everywhere. Maybe than you wouldn't have to be a l33t h4x0r just to install a program.
by The man October 08, 2002
inability of a designer to maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying creative desires, most often relating to powerpoint.
Powerpoint is giving me such a microsoft
by RGBeast May 29, 2016
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