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A new doll line that debuted around 2001, to compete with Barbie. Bratz dolls are designed for tweens of this generation, who are learning about sex, drugs, and violence at such an early age now that traditional princess-type dolls no longer represent reality.

Bratz dolls come with clothes that are skimpy and trampy looking, and there is no alternative. You can't buy any Bratz clothes that cover their bodies properly, or look conservative.

Also, the accesories they come with are themed such as Juice Bars, Lounge Clubs, Rock & Roll style cars and gadgets, and Party themed houses designed for Bratz dolls and their Bratz boys to "get their funk on".

You can't buy any regular homes or plain, non-sexual themed accessories, which make it hard to purchase these Bratz toys for girls under age 14, and yet most girls who do play with them are between 6-13.
Bratz dolls represent the urban, modern girl.
by Lomia November 30, 2006
A female deity much like a God. Often worshipped by ancient religions such as Greeks, Romans, and Egyptions. Goddesses are also prominant in Pagan religions like Wicca. A Goddess has many qualitys like peacefulness, purity, ability to represent Women, and other "God-Like" attributes.
Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love.
by Lomia March 21, 2006
Popular doll aimed at young girls, first debuted in the mid-50's. Barbie has many different roles, from Doctor to Teacher to Astronaut, and they even had a President Barbie.

There are also accessories galore for Barbie, including cars, houses, clothes, limos, pools and hot tubs, and much more. A good choice for young girls to play with because, unlike Bratz, Barbie has a more mature outlook.

Also, girls who play with Barbie are more likely to be intelligent, creative, and less inclined to try sex or other such stuff.
A lot of people collect Barbie, and some dolls sell on Ebay for thousands of dollars.
by Lomia November 30, 2006
The word Goth has many different meanings to many people, but a simple definition is this: Someone who enjoys a darker perspective on life. Goths tend to be intellectual, philosophical, and romantic. They find beauty in even the ugliest things, and are often attracted to things such as death, morbidity, vampirism, and other such subjects. A true Goth never intends to be Goth, they just are. People who suddenly decide to "become goth" because of their peers are not really Gothic. Also, I'd like to clear the misconception of "Goths being Violent,Anti-Social, or IE Columbine". Real Goths are passive, quiet, and gentle. They are never violent at others, and if a goth "does" pick fights, then that person is not for real.

Some good goth bands to listen to are: L'ame Immortelle, Nightwish, Leave's Eyes, Bauhaus, and Switchblade Symphony.

These people ARE NOT goth: Marylin Manson, Limp Bizkit, ICP (Who in heck thought ICP was goth? Their just, um, Mentally Retarded)and no, My Chemical Romance is not a goth band.
by Lomia March 17, 2006
People who follow every new trend, fashion, and other pop culture phenomenon, untill something new comes along.

These include the women who buy new designer clothes every "season" and get the latest haircuts, kids who want the very latest toy or gadget, and men who kiss butt on the golf course and show off their Plasma screens.

People who can't think for themselves, but follow along with what everyone else says is "New! and Hip!"
Rich people and Hollywood stars are Fad Hags; so are scene kids.
by Lomia November 27, 2006
A company that produces the Operating System Windows. Windows was the first commercially available GUI style OS for the mass consumer market. However, due to the fact that ALL Brand New Non-Mac PC's come with Windows pre-installed now, most consumers miss the fact that there are other OS out there. Sirius Linux etc.

Microsoft has done a lot of good for the hacking community. Their system is easy to modify, and Internet Explorer is the best browser for sending viruses, trojans, and tracking cookies. You can easily destroy another person's computer if they are running Windows just by creating dinky code in less than a minute.

Microsoft also attempts to dominate other markets as well, such as Xbox for video games and Zune for MP3 players. Those are just more easily hacked items that fail at the larger community, but attract a strong cult following.
At least Microsoft gave mass consumers and newbies a simple, user-friendly operating system. But in the year 2006, more people are technical and know how to install another system.
by Lomia November 29, 2006
A store that sells alternative clothing for punks/goths/emos. Which is funny because no real punk/goths (except the emos) shop at malls. Hot Topic also carries an over-abundance of Tim Burton merchandise, which can get annoying when seen too often.
When you go to Hot Topic, ask yourself; Do you really need a Jack purse with a Sally shirt and a Corpse Bride umbrella? While your at it, Buy a Jack Sparrow Thong!
by Lomia March 17, 2006

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