A Term for Bill Gates penis
Nice Microsoft there Bill
by Still Floating September 19, 2010
1.The awesome company that everyone seems to think is evil.

2.A really small, floppy cock.
"Windows started sucking at Vista"

"Man, that guy sure had a Microsoft!"
by Blobis August 09, 2007
A very soft pussy or vigina
I fucked this girl last night and she was micro-soft
by Creepy#5 May 09, 2011
A company that controls over 90% of the computer OS market share. Which is also highly criticized and made fun of. This is stupid because there the number 1 OS maker. And contrary to popular belief there products actually work. They are also worth more than any other computer OS manufacture in the world. So come on people lets face facts. There products must work because if they didn’t then no one would buy them.
Microsoft Windows NT, 95,98, 2000, XP, Vista. Xbox, Xbox 360, Zune
by Commander Grass June 11, 2007
Expensive, disapointing, failing to perform correctly. High maintenance and unreliable.
Jonny Consumer:' Aw shit I spent all my money on this and its turned out to be a buch of Microsoft!'

Billy Consumer: 'Twat!'
by PicaPica November 17, 2009
Noun: describes the state of a severe reduction in size and state of readiness of the male member due to a severe reaction to an unpleasant looking female.

Verb: to severely reduce in size and state of readiness the male member due to an adverse reaction to an unpleasant looking female.
I saw a girl last night that was so ugly she gave me an instant microsoft.

Boy, after going home with her after the disco and a few bevvies I woke up sober, looked at her and instantly microsofted!
by Gary from Italy October 13, 2007
Company that everyone hates due to the aggorant asshole known as Steve Jobs.
Linux Nazis: M$ is shit wah
Normal person: ...Why do I have to listen to you assholes?
by OLOL January 31, 2007
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