A large terrorist organisation, hell bent on producing software that crashes and works slowly. Some of their more evil tactics over the years include waiting until just before you click the save button to make the screen go all blue for no reason, but more subtle tactics include waiting until you start to work, then annoying you with a sodding paper clip.
Josh: "I'll just get on with some work..."
Microsoft Paperclip: "Hello!"
Josh: *I'll just ignore him, and he'll go away*.... *starts to type*
Microsoft Paperclip: "Do you want to write a letter?"
Josh: "No."
Microsoft Paperclip: "Okay, do you need some help with that?"
*clicks on hide, paperclip dissapears*...*begins to work...*

... 2 minutes pass ...

Microsoft Paperclip: "Hello!"
by RICCARD October 09, 2005
A corporation bent on achieving world domination by brainwashing idiots into buying their abysmal computers.
Mac person: I have a life.

Microsoft person: I do not, as I spend all my time smacking my piece o' crap computer and screaming at the blue screen of death.
by The Culture Bandit May 15, 2009
a big cheesie company that copies everything and makes it slow lagging and crashing a lot
apple-hey guys I made this original operationg system
microsoft-im just going to steel all your stuff and make it stupid
apple-you dont have permission you son of a b**** oh well i made mine look good and flashy and at the same time awsome!
microsoft-people already use my f***ing crappy unoriginal ideas anyway
(during this war apple takes back all of it's dignity back and saves the world by making Ipods, trading with google, and punching bill gates in big laughing groups!)
by steven beattie March 03, 2007
A very rich and evil company planning to invade the world.
Microsoft is gonna invade the world!
by Racecar56 April 09, 2009
Microsoft = plug-n-pray click-n-crash ( waste my time )
Microsoft burns time.. Time is money. Time is life. You only have x amount of time or money!!!

let's say 20 million users spend 1/2 hour a day booting or pounding the keyboard NIH
10 million hours X 200 days or 2 billion man hours per year X 10 years = 20 billion hrs.

Bill is a bad boy
by itichie_nocanpo October 18, 2006
the most god awful, pityful, annoying, irriating thing ever to exist. Hated by millions around the world this company strives to cause stress to everyone by CONSTANTLY creating errors and that cursed "blue screen of death". No matter what, they do everything in their power to screw people out of money so they can destroy their rivals, which someday will defeat them, god bless Mozilla - the Messiah of computers!...and then theres that FUCKING PAPER CLIP!
Microsoft has created a fatal error on your machine, it will now shut down...and error occured whilst windows tried to shut itself down...an error occured whilst trying to create the previous error...the blue screen of death will now appear...windows has created an error whilst trying to load the blue screen of death...NO ONE HEARS YOUR SCREAMS!...buy a MAC you prick!

Then there is the HATED paper clip. this thing will make you want to pull your lungs out through ur arsehole... need i say more!
by Alterz_the_almighty May 19, 2005
a old group whos only hope of staying in buisness is the xbox. this company is run by are gay i think jew friend, Bill Gates. this man thinks is what us ghetto people call "chalk" for he may have money but has no one that likes him. In our morden day Nazi, racis people, and our crapy economy he has been forgoten.
by sexyshakertheodore December 21, 2010
Noun - To Microsoft - a synonym for rebooting. The word came about as a result of the main way to fix a Microsoft Operating System, which was to simply turn off the operating system and start it anew. This was quite common when the famous blue screen of death (BSOD) showed up on a computer.
The computer locked up, so he microsofted it.

Johnny microsofted the computer in order to get it operational again.
by Cyric297 January 16, 2009

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