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Buying a Microsoft product and getting the "shaft"
Another "most secure ever" OS only to find out we've been Microshafted again
by lore November 13, 2003
microsoft is also the evil empire micro$oft and microsloth
I am proud of microshaft they shaft there customers a little more each day and they are still in bussiness
by tom December 18, 2003
The product brand Bill Gates created not only to sell products, but to describe the size of his penis.
Duuuude, Bill Gates has a Microshaft in his pants!
by ASN(ail) July 06, 2009
A person who has an abnormaly small penis or "shaft".
crikey mate! you've got a micro-shaft.

Sorry, i dont do micro-shaft
by luke riordan, nick brewin April 05, 2006
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