1. n : creators of a very strong type of magnet created to pull viruses, spyware, and other type of malware from real Operating Systems. Also responsible for the fake operating system that script kiddies use to claim they are 1337. Although best known for steve ballmer
Look what microsoft put in thier update today...A brand new gaping wide hole!!! HOORAY!!!!!
by (any language>java)==true May 03, 2006
A crappy computer company that is trying to move in on Nintendo and Sony with subpar ports and a few over hyped exclusives
dude, microsofts operating systems are almost as cumbersome as X-box controllers
Daniel venn's Dik (thinks it's big)
you see i told you he would be jealous of the new borns one!!!!
by S.T.A.R.S April 15, 2003
A company that does everything they can to make sure your getting punked' and they're not.
Many people are familiar with there surreptitious products and their unfaithful outlook towards their customers
- Xbox Live
-The Red Ring Of Death and its "E-" relatives
- The Blue Screen of Death
- Buggy software
- The extra layer of plastic on Point Cards

- Activation of the Point Cards only when you get to the check register
Microsoft Customer: <That's ironic my Xbox died on my 16th birthday. I bought it 2 years ago for my 14th birthday>

<Well, my warranty is gone but I guess I'll call customer support and see if they can do anything about it... or maybe>

*Goes to Google and types in: how to use your Xbox controller to play PC games*

<Yes YES YESS!! Finally, this is great...now I just have to... huh??..... "Step: 4 Ok, just purchase a Microsoft wireless receiver or the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows


Curse you Microsoft!!!! >
by Microsoft sufferer March 20, 2010
A company that doesn't care if their product is good or not.

Ironically, the DOJ and 19 states sued Microsoft for illegally bundling Internet Explorer with Windows 98 and the DOJ still used IE. That's how Microsoft is.
Microsoft "Wow! This OS is amazing!"

Steve "Wow! This OS is crap!"
by IAmNotSashaFierce March 11, 2010
A very soft pussy or vigina
I fucked this girl last night and she was micro-soft
by Creepy#5 May 09, 2011
1) A company so bad, bloggers and college students write essays about how bad their products are.

2) A company whose software sucks so bad that websites are published to explain why.
P1: What evil empire did you do your report on?

P2: Microsoft!
by Reiden February 20, 2011

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