Related to the Metric Fuckton, Which is greater than a Metric Megaton, but not as great as a Metric MegaFuckton. Ultimately all of these terms apply to a lot of unwanted or unliked things or events.
"Ok, I've got a Metric Fuckton of Rice Krispies at home, why are you picking uo that box?"
by Errant June 05, 2003
Top Definition
A metric shitload is roughly 2.287 english shitloads.
I've got a metric shitload of stuff to get done this weekend
by Twigman May 29, 2003
An EU imposed measurement of manure.
"oh arr, I used twenty metric shitloads on that there field of artichokes"
by actions_speak_louder_than_worms August 29, 2003
1. lots, tons, extremely...
2. equal to 2.227 Imperial Shitloads
i just downloaded a metric shitload of porn!!!
by Mike mam September 13, 2003
Also equivalent to an imperial butt ton.
Scientists still need to determine a conversion factor between a metric shitload and an imperial butt ton.
by eltjim November 12, 2004
An alternate spelling of the official measurement scale used by European Union bureaucrats to gauge the size of their expense accounts. Original spelling: metric shitteload (as in metric tonne).
"I'll need the cheque for these first thing Monday," said Jurgen, dropping a metric shitteload of crumpled receipts on his secretary's desk at 5:17 Friday afternoon.
by michaelo August 12, 2003
The huge amount of work involved in an econometrics major.
Ive got to knock over a metrics shitload tonight.
by Diego September 28, 2003
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