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1. To disbelive something so much that some kind of hard evidence is required.
2. To be so frustrated by a social situation that you wish there was some kind of red tape to guide it with.
Origin- Whitney Houston's Diane Sawyer interview, where Whitney requests Diane provide reciepts for her allegation of over $100,000 Crack Cocaine purchases.
1a. "Miss Whitney does not do crack, o.k.! Crack is for poor people! I want you to show me the receipts Diane, Show Me The Receipts!"
1b. Carl,"I met Johnny Depp last night at the Green Mill and we sat up drinking and screwing hookers till dawn!"
Tad, "Receipts Carl, receipts."
2. Wancy, "They're waiting for us down at Friends, we've got to leave now. Guy's, Guy's, is anyone listening to me? We have to go or they'll all be drunk as shit when we get there... (muttering dejectedly) receipts..."
by Krazy-K September 07, 2005
A piece of paper you get to prove your purchase.
i bought shoes and got a receipt from the cashier.
by Meni October 23, 2006
Receipt-aka server's "goods."
your server is taking your order right next to you and you are looking at "something else." If she catches you looking, you can just say you were looking at the receipt/order.

Her: Do i have something on me or what?
You: Oh-I was just looking at the receipt.

by wunwomanshow March 06, 2009
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