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From Technique. Relates to any combination of actions or sufficiently adept single action that results in a favourable outcome for the person performing said Tek.
I thought you were in trouble, but that tek saved you
by Errant July 23, 2004
Related to the Metric Fuckton, Which is greater than a Metric Megaton, but not as great as a Metric MegaFuckton. Ultimately all of these terms apply to a lot of unwanted or unliked things or events.
"Ok, I've got a Metric Fuckton of Rice Krispies at home, why are you picking uo that box?"
by Errant June 05, 2003
Stuff. Objects or elements that need not be described directly. Related to the concept of shit.
Grab your shazz and let's go
by Errant July 23, 2004
Sneaky, to act in a covert manner.
Matt was definetly acting snaky.
by Errant July 23, 2004
Events or concepts that need not be defined precisely. Related to the word crap.
This crazzle is unacceptable.
by Errant July 23, 2004
A secret technique, related to Tek. This may be mocking or genuine appreciate of a manoeuvre that is clearly quite impressive.
Everyone thought he had played his last turn, but then he played the secret tek.
by Errant July 23, 2004

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