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On 22 July Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in Norway.
If you don't stop getting on my nerves I'll make 227.
by oscar garcia December 29, 2013
The number "227" Represents a true sign of intelligence in coding. A person with the number "227" at the end of there name is not a script kiddie, but an ultimate coder.
Did you see that kid Devin227's Website? Its l337!
by Dminus23 September 06, 2011
The genome production number of 'Makoto Tantalius Tribal', also known of 'Celeste Savargio'.
Also used as an idenification by those close to her and as her 'signature'.
well this is me entering this after all

by genius 1.5 March 17, 2004
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