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A metric shitload is roughly 2.287 english shitloads.
I've got a metric shitload of stuff to get done this weekend
by Twigman May 29, 2003
Frequently presented with a number added. Nerd Level is a way of quantifying nerdiness, measured in social outcast tiers.

Essentially, most people you would meet are level 0 nerds. The people they feel uncomfortable around due to excessive nerdiness are level 1 nerds. The level 1 nerds feel uncomfortable around nerds of 2nd or higher level, etc.
by Twigman June 03, 2003
Evil. Intentional, pure evil. In extreme can be used in "The Antipie", the theoretical antithesis of everything good.
Your girlfriend cheated on you, stole your stuff, and dumped you all in the same day? Man, that girl is antipie.

RESOLVE/C++ is The Antipie.
by Twigman April 07, 2004
Bad, Stupid, Dumb, Of substandard quality.
Man, your old car is incredibly unpie.

I got a C- on that paper? I worked forever on that! Unpie...
by Twigman April 07, 2004
(adj.) slang
Good, Cool, Awesome, Excellent, Superb, essentially anything positive.

(Note pie is generally used as a noun meaning an excellent food, it can be used as an adjective in a slang context)
WOW! A weekend with no homework. That is really pie.

I just had an incredibly pie day.
by Twigman April 07, 2004

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