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More properly, "Metric Fucktonne." The Fuckton is the Imperial standard for the measurement of fuckweight, while the Fucktonne, in contrast, constitutes the Metric measure of fuckmass.

Generally used to imply superlative quantity with the Metric standard included to emphasise this point. The inclusion of the term is, however, fundamentally a misuse of that standard, as the Imperial Fuckton (2000 Imperial Fuckpounds) denotes a slightly greater measure of fuckweight within Earth's gravitational pull than does the Metric Fuckton (1000 Metric Fuckilograms).
I've got a Metric Fucktonne of this stuff to finish before Monday, or I'm fucked indeed.
by Yst December 12, 2004
A whole hell of a lot of something. See also: metric shitload
The teacher gave me a metric fuckton of homework.
by Monica December 17, 2003
Slightly more than an Imperial fuck ton. The exact measurements of the metric fuck ton are unknown, owing to the fact that the term is generally used to describe an indeterminately-large quantity of something.
That pizza you left on the floor last night is now covered in a metric fuck ton of ants.
by Kenneth Allan May 29, 2008
A whole lot of something.
Fred: Check it out! I had a party last night and now I have three full trash cans of beer cans to recycle!

Steve: Wow. That is a metric fuck-ton of aluminum cans.
by Ozzwepay February 23, 2011
1) An unimaginable amount of something; so much of an object, item, or substance that it is so immeasurable it cannot be classified as a fuck ton.

2) A lot more than an 'Ass Load' or 'Shit Ton' or even a regular fuck ton.
A whole fuck ton of people watch Sunday night football, but a metric fuck ton watch the superbowl every year.
by RK8913 January 29, 2011
The exact amount of something it takes to choke a sperm whale. This is of course a poor measurement, as a sperm whale is enough to choke a sperm whale.
And then he gave me a metric fuckton of paperwork man!
by maccers247 November 15, 2010
A measure of digitized data approximately 10 gigabytes in size
Sir Dansbury Wimbledon purchased an electronic reader in so that he may peruse his collection of portable document files which totaled just over 1.2 metric fuck-tons
by Sir Dansbury Wimbledon December 23, 2011
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