Man who wants to have a sex change in order too date lesbians.
Dude: Hey man check out the chick she is so fine!

Man: Yeah she is, too bad she is a lesbian.

Dude: Eh whatever i just go mesbian and hook up with her.
by imstuff August 29, 2010
Top Definition
A man with feminine qualtiies who still likes women, or, to put it more crudely, a male lesbian.
Dang, that kid is such a mesbo. I hate how all the ladies hang on him.
by rtil June 30, 2005
A male lesbian, a man who acts like a dyke.
That mesbian, tell him I said no dance offs.

Chris Doman might be a mesbian, sources are unconfirmed.
by ChrisDoman March 22, 2012
A man who looks like a lesbian.
Gee, that Lance Bass sure is a mesbian.
by Janice March 28, 2004
(n) A male acting as a female lesbian in a chat room, or other internet relay medium, in an attempt to pick up women. Most notable by speech patterns, or desire to find any bi/lesbian woman in a particular area.
"I'm tellin' you, anyone that thinks every woman on the 'net is 18 and bi, AND tries to pick them up, is a mesbian."
by Bystrick March 22, 2003
A non derogatory term for a male homosexual.
"Let's all go out to the Mesbian bar!"


"Hey look, its big mesbian Al!"


"You country fried mesbian!"
by "Hey Now" Hank Kingsly October 27, 2011
n. A Mexican lesbian.
The sexy latina turned out to be a Mesbian.
by BobDole4Ever April 27, 2009
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