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Some rich snob prettier than Hilary Duff even though IS Hilary Duff's sister. Only popular because of "popular" sister.
The imposter of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears.
by Janice January 04, 2005
Ville Valo is not only about being the hott Finnish man that he is, but also the music he creates is what really sets him apart from all the other hott guys in bands. I have never heard anything like HIM in my life, and I am happy to have found this incredible band. It doesnt hurt that Ville happens to be the SEXIEST man on the Earth. Ville is God.
"Is it so hard to believe our hearts...are made to be broken by love?"
by Janice August 22, 2004
htting the foil where I come from means to smoke crank off of a piece of aluminum foil. chase the dragon.
Hey man wanna' hit the foil?
by Janice September 27, 2003
getting pick-pocketted, or getting something stolen
Person A: shit!, whered my hat go? Person B:dude, u got jacked!
by janice May 25, 2004
a lively person, adjective: full of color, not dull
Im artisticer then u
by JANICE August 09, 2003
One of the most gorgeous men ever concieved by the universe. This unique specimen can be found in Elk Grove California, and is known to be one of the lost saints according to theologists. "He is a dark haired dark eyed god" says john stamos, and "i would fuck him, and im not even gay" says mark clark.
Did you see <i> maxwell james </i>, that nigga is supa fly
by Janice March 09, 2005
A man who looks like a lesbian.
Gee, that Lance Bass sure is a mesbian.
by Janice March 28, 2004
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