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(n) Open face pie, often utilizing a tomato based sauce and cheese, and baked. Many variations apply.

(n) The fifth food group
"Someone dial up Domino's"
"That shit ain't real pizza..."
by Bystrick March 23, 2003
(n) A numerical amount; fifty. Five counts of ten.
"They musta been fitty 'o dem!"
by Bystrick March 23, 2003
(n) An ass so large as to simulate a shelf, table, nightstand, or other flat tabular object that one might set a drink, ash tray, plates, a TV, or what not on.
"Bitch got a shelf butt that you could stack an encyclopedia on!"
by Bystrick March 22, 2003
(n) a miniscule squirt of shit, often with a tail akin to a Hershey's Kiss
"You laid out a hershey squirt on the counter? I hope no one mistakes it..."
by Bystrick March 22, 2003
(n) A male acting as a female lesbian in a chat room, or other internet relay medium, in an attempt to pick up women. Most notable by speech patterns, or desire to find any bi/lesbian woman in a particular area.
"I'm tellin' you, anyone that thinks every woman on the 'net is 18 and bi, AND tries to pick them up, is a mesbian."
by Bystrick March 22, 2003
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