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When a man inserts his penis into a woman's ear. If successful, he then masturbates to orgasm.
I gave that bitch a doman, and now she needs a hearing aid.
by Vazurdos242 March 24, 2007
53 16
He's a funny guy with low self-estem. He likes to flirt, and he's probably a geek. He's lonely but he hides it in his jokes. He can be nice or bad. Ussually in a good mood and he's a good friend.
Domen is a fun but weird guy.
by ribimibi December 12, 2009
21 3
an act of pure manliness performed only by the toughest men. It usually leads to the performer getting tons of ladies.
Dude, did you just see John perform a domen. He's for sure getting a threesome tonight.
by realking69 June 02, 2011
6 0