(n) A male acting as a female lesbian in a chat room, or other internet relay medium, in an attempt to pick up women. Most notable by speech patterns, or desire to find any bi/lesbian woman in a particular area.
"I'm tellin' you, anyone that thinks every woman on the 'net is 18 and bi, AND tries to pick them up, is a mesbian."
by Bystrick March 22, 2003
A straight man who hangs out with lesbians.
Dan might be able to find a date if he wasn't such a mesbian.
by talula007 January 31, 2010
An heterosexual female who will only sway for the most beautiful woman in the world, Megan Fox.
"Oh my god Megan Fox is so hot...... I would"

"I didn't know you were a lesbian?"

"Nahhh, I'm a Mesbian mate, Megan Fox is the only gal for me"
by l4ugh October 23, 2010
Man who wants to have a sex change in order too date lesbians.
Dude: Hey man check out the chick she is so fine!

Man: Yeah she is, too bad she is a lesbian.

Dude: Eh whatever i just go mesbian and hook up with her.
by imstuff August 29, 2010

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