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2 definitions by 13speakers

screwing around in altogether unlawful or jovial shinanigans
Girl: What are you idiots doing?
Boy: just merphing around. . .

Girl: What?
Boy: sorry, i mean i am participating in unlawful shinanigans, gosh
by 13speakers October 18, 2009
Feeling Exuberently Happy, but for a darker reason than pure happy-go-luckiness. . . or maybe your just British. . .
Murph: I'm feelin' real chipper today! I just stole a cookie and didn't get caught!
Laurie: Oh! A free cookie and no consequence! That'd make me Chipper Too!
Longfellow: I'm Chipper Too!
Murph and Laurie: Why?
Longfellow: I'm British! What do you expect?
by 13speakers November 27, 2009