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1) niggas who wear fake pubes; 2) niggas who sell fake pubes to cancer patients and such; 3) niggas who make pubic wigs; 4) niggas who donate their pubes to make pubic wigs;. . . .see also "merkin"
them merkin niggas are makin mad money G, and their product always grows back!
by sjte5409 June 04, 2009
The smell of a black person.
Justin Timberlake: (sniff sniff) . . . . .What's that smell? It smells like coconut. . . .No wait, it smells like popcorn butter.

Pink: (shaking her head) Dude, that's blackcent. Black people smell like that from rubbing cocoa butter lotion on their ashy skin.

Eminem: (nodding his head) Ahhhhhhh! I've been trying to figure that out for years!
by sjte5409 January 14, 2011
to be held down like a bitch and have your pubes shaved off and then they slap some fake pubes on your freshly shaven bald private parts with some sticky glue, see also "merkin"
Shiloh was talkin' trash, so his homies merked his dumb ass. . . .then they laughed at their work.
by sjte5409 January 29, 2009

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