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To Not help out with daily chores.
The kitchen is a mess, " Oh, it must have been Merced"
by Sir Merc A Lot January 01, 2008
6 34
To fuck a person up real bad or kill them in a ruthless manner
I am going to merc that nigga who talking that shit.
by Maurice November 15, 2003
1078 285
hip-hop origins taken from the word mercenary.
1. To leave.
2. To kill.
1. I'm about to merc, I say "peace" to the family. - Mos Def
2. Or mercin' the president live on Channel 7 - Non Phixion
by inkdrinker January 01, 2005
385 266
1. short for mercenary, which is a professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army. Used by urban geeks to describe the culprit in a fantasy ambush.
2. anyone who serves or works merely for monetary gain; a mugger
Last night when I was walking home Jonn dropped down out of a tree and tried to merc me with some shurikens like he's a fuckin' ghetto ninja!"
by Herb N. Dictionary October 25, 2002
349 261
A: A group of people who go around fucking people up really bad, and/or killing them.

B: the pluralization of merc.
A: Those Mercs totally fucked up those dudes!

B: That dude is pretty crazy, he just Mercs people like all day long.
by Ghettosmoke June 12, 2010
20 4
a merc is a short way of saying Mercedes-Benz. mostly used in Europe. the word merc can be found in the cult classic book 50 Shades of Gray. also another good place to hear this word is on the UK Top Gear.
i love how when im watching the UK top gear they call my Mercedes-Benz a Merc, it makes it sound so slick and bad ass.
by fireboy451 June 11, 2012
18 17
A group of people out to get something, usually fucking up a person with their fists and or anything they pick up off the ground.

This may be due to the victim eyeing the mercs' girlfriends, or giving any of the mercs a bad look, or there may be no explanation to fuck a person up.
Those mercs fucked you up man. Next time don't tell their girlfriends that you want to fuck them sideways twice in an hour.

My mercs fucked you up, nigga.
by the mercs July 12, 2008
17 19
Rhyming slang for contact lenses, i.e. mercedes-benzes, contact lenses.
I'm not wearing glasses today, I've got my mercs in.
by wilco85 January 23, 2010
7 16