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Real hip-hop

Listen to "14 years of rap" by Non Phixion and The Arsonists and try telling me its not the best rap ever.

Consists of Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac..and Q-Unique. DJ Eclipse also.
Non Phixion lyrically SLAY even Eminem
by March 30, 2005
Rap group from brooklyn consisting of Ill Bill, Goretex, DJ eclipse, and Sabac Red. Most of their beats are produced by Ill Bill's younger brother Necro, who is also an emcee. They rap mostly about kicking ass, and growing up in the Glenwood projects in Brooklyn, where Goretex, Ill Bill and his brother Necro were raised in poverty.
Non phixion is a kick ass rap group, listen to The future is now LP
by THetaEX August 11, 2005
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